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MMU Press is an arm for Multimedia University (MMU) to reach out to the world through quality empirical research. Its spirit is to connect MMU with the larger communities and institutions through innovative and inspiring writings. Hopefully, the shared values could have enticed the inquisitive, enthusiastic, and creative individuals. The philosophy behind the establishment of MMU Press in 2019 is to bring the best minds of various fields under one roof.  We humbly welcome all contributors to publish with MMU Press to equip ourselves and the community at large with various new ideas and technologies.


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JETAP is now indexed in MyCite
15 AUG 2023 – JETAP Call for Papers
31 JUL 2023 – IJOMFA Call for Papers
31 JUL 2023 – IJCM Call for Papers


Journals | Creative Media, Law

The Caravan Of Hate: The Cautionary Tale of Ben Wheatley’s Sightseers and Alternative Spaces for Masculinity On-Screen
IJCM 2023 | 4(1), 58-69
Daniel Finnemore

Social Media Dimension of Video Made by Tourist (An Amateur)
IJCM 2023 | 4(1), 45-57
Muhammad Hasanuddin Bin Dzulkafly

Installation Art in Public Spaces as Socio-Spatial Framing of Place: Case Study Loominous River Installation Art (2022)
IJCM 2023 | 4(1), 22-44
Nursuliana Binti Sulaiman

Enhancing Visual Arts and Design in Ibogun Campus, Ogun State Amidst Multi-faceted Challenges
IJCM 2023 | 4(1), 1-21
Afolabi Benjamin Eni-itan F., Odewole O. Peter, Adeloye A. Abiodun, Oyinloye Michael A.

Joseph Shine v Union of India: Farewell to a Victorian-Era Adultery Law
AJLP 2023 | 3(1), 39–47
Rathivaani Sathiaseelan, Anusha Aurasu

A Comparative Study on the Concept of Accountability Between Vietnam and Japan
AJLP 2023 | 3(1), 20–37
Hoan My Linh Kim

The Legal and Practical Issues Related to the System of Two High Courts in Malaysia
AJLP 2023 | 3(1), 1–19
Sheila Ramalingam, Johan Shamsuddin Sabaruddin, Saroja Dhanapal

Journals | Science & Technology

Development of Augmented Reality Based Applications for Brain Memory Training
IJORAS 2023 | 5(1), 13 – 20
Zheng You Lim, Sim Kok Swee, Toa Chean Khim, Rao Edwin

Noise Estimation for MRI Images with Revised Theory on Histograms of Second-order Derivatives
IJORAS 2023 | 5(1), 6 – 12
Wai Ti Chan

A Fundamental Study of an Alternative Learning Framework Utilizing Natural User Interface (NUI) for Physically Disabled Students
IJORAS 2023 | 5(1), 1 – 5
Marianne Too, Roy Chang

Smart Parking System Using IoT Sensors
JETAP 2023 | 5(1), 63-69
Steven Yong Choong Hong, Chia Chao Kang, Jian Ding Tan , Mohammadmahdi Ariannejad

Automated Measurement of Stone Heterogeneity Index and Variation Coefficient of Stone Density on CT Image
JETAP 2023 | 5(1), 54-62
Lai Yee Myint, Khine Thin Zar

Performance Analysis of Partial Shading Effect on PV Plant
JETAP 2023 | 5(1), 50-53
Su Leit Naing, Aye Aye Mon

Performance Evaluation of Subcontractors Using Weighted Sum Method
JETAP 2023 | 5(1), 35-49
Richard Nico Lumanauw, Poh Kiat Ng, Adi Saptari, Isa Halim, Mohamad Toha, Yu Jin Ng

Hybrid-based Recommender System for Online Shopping: A Review
JETAP 2023 | 5(1), 12-34
Ying Fei Lim, Su Cheng Haw, Kok Why Ng, Elham Abdulwahab Anaam

Feasibility of Use of Second Life Electrical Vehicle Batteries in Data Centres in Malaysia
JETAP 2023 | 5(1), 5-11
Abdulla Mubaah , Siva Priya Thiagarajah

Enhanced InP-based Gunn Diodes with Notch-d-doped Structure for Low-THz Applications
JETAP 2023 | 5(1), 1-4
Siti Amiera Mohd Akhbar, Kan Yeep Choo , Duu Sheng Ong

Robust Image Watermarking With Quaternion Fractional-Order Polar Harmonic-Fourier Moments Based On Wavelet Transformation: Resistance Against Rotation Attacks
JIWE 2023 | 2(1), 56 – 75
Wang Jing, Ling Weay Ang, Sellappan Palaniappan, Bing He

Enhancing MIMO Capacity Through Space-Time Coding: Analysis And Design Framework
JIWE 2023 | 2(1), 49 – 55
Lijun Han, Ling Weay Ang, Sellappan Palaniappan, Jing Wang

A SWOT Analysis With A Digital Transformation: A Case Study For Hospitals In The Pharmaceutical Supply Chain
JIWE 2023 | 2(1), 38 – 48
Nguyen Huu Khanh Quan, Harwindar Singh , Thai Hong Thuy Khanh, Premkumar Rajagopal

The Impact Of The Telecommunication Industry As A Moderator on Poverty Alleviation and Educational Programmes To Achieve Sustainable Development Goals In Developing Countries
JIWE 2023 | 2(1), 25 – 37
S.K.C Ruklani Wickramasinghe, Kamal ABD Razak

Elderly and Smartphone Apps: Case Study with Lightweight MySejahtera
JIWE 2023 | 2(1), 13 – 24
Ciu Yung Seek, Shih Yin Ooi, Ying Han Pang, Sook Ling Lew, Xin Yun Heng

A Data Augmented Method for Plant Disease Leaf Image Recognition based on Enhanced GAN Model Network
JIWE 2023 | 2(1), 1-12
MingYuan Xin, Ling Weay Ang, Sellappan Palaniappan

Journals | Social Sciences & Business

Financial Reporting Quality and Control System: A Mixed Approach Assessment
IJOMFA 2023 | 4(1), 1–21
Kwanbo, M.L., Baba, E.A., Akanet, S., Tanko, M.

A Review of Perceived Risk Role in Autonomous Vehicles Acceptance
IJOMFA 2023 | 4(1), 22–36
Ho, J.S., Tan, B.C., Lau, T.C., Nasreen Khan T.O.

Moderator Effect of Audit Committee on Earnings Management and Board Diversity
IJOMFA 2023 | 4(1), 37–51
Ibrahim, M., Hamza, M.A., Mohammed, N.

Ownership Structure and Earnings Management Practices: An Empirical Evidence
IJOMFA 2023 | 4(1), 52–67
Nuhu, M.S., Ahmad, Z., Lim, Y.Z.

An Analysis of Factors Affecting Malaysia’s Youth Unemployment Rate
IJOMFA 2023 | 4(1), 68–86
Bhubhindar Singh, N., Lee, Y.L.E.

A Cross-Cultural Pragmatic Study of Online Complaints by Japanese and Malaysian Hotel Guests in English
JCLC 2023 | 71-97
Hariyani Madon, Kuldip Kaur Maktiar Singh

The Perception of Social Media Usage on the Development of Democracy In Selangor
JCLC 2023 | 57-70
Mohd Hairul Anuar Razak, Muhammad Aiman Sabarudin

Confirmation Bias in Our Opinions on Social Media: A Qualitative Approach
JCLC 2023 | 47-56
Ahmad Noor Hazim Ahmad Ghani, Hawa Rahmat

Online Learning Supports in Times of Pandemic: From Parents’ Perspective
JCLC 2023 | 39-46
Mohd Hairul Anuar Razak, Aimi Hazwani Abdullah, Nor Huda Abdul Hamid

Contemporary Securitisation of Islam and Muslims: A Content Analysis of Twitter
JCLC 2023 | 19-38
Raja Arslan Ahmad Khan, Faryal Umbreen, Sajida M Jamil Qureshi

The Song of the Kedidi: The Embodiment of a Hero in a Malay Folktale as an Intangible Cultural Heritage
JCLC 2023 | 1-18
Harryizman Harun, Noor Aziah Abdullah

Social entrepreneurship for young people with disabilities: A conceptual analysis
IPBSS 2023 | 3(1), 1 – 13
Kamalesh Ravesangar, Hafinas Halid, Rubee Singh

A critical review of FOMO behaviour among young investors
IPBSS 2023 | 3(1), 14 – 18
Chian Chyn Bo

The impact of NYSE market index growth on investors’ trading volume
IPBSS 2023 | 3(1), 19 – 22
Wee Win Yeoh