On 11 March 2024, MMU Press held a virtual sharing session for aspiring authors to get first-hand information from MMU Press Editors. The session entitled “A Guide to Publishing: Edited Book and Reference/Textbook” was hosted on Google Meet to encourage and enable a large number of aspiring authors to attend.

The first session was conducted by Dr. Hawa Rahmat of the Learning Institute of Empowerment (LiFE), who shared her trials and tribulations in publishing a reference book/textbook. The second session was carried out by Ms. Tan Su-Mae of the Faculty of Information Science and Technology (FIST), who then focused on her experiences when publishing her edited book. While both presenters faced unique challenges to finalize their creations, they both agreed on how worthwhile the process was, and how satisfied they were with birthing a printed book.

MMU Press hopes this will inspire the many enthusiastic participants to submit and publish with MMU Press.