Malaysian Society 5.0: Selected Contemporary Socio-Legal Issues




Malaysia is in the process of turning into a Smart Nation with the aid of Society 5.0, which sprang from Industrial 4.0. According to Future Job Report 2020, 85 million individuals worldwide are anticipated to lose their employment and be replaced by machines by 2025. This is because the advancement of society and technologies has eliminated millions of occupations. This book seeks to discuss the impact of technology transformation on society and the law in Malaysia. Chapter 1 – Malaysia from Industry 4.0 to Society 5.0: The Way Forward to Societal Transformation. Chapter 2 – Infodemic Laws in Malaysia: Lessons, Challenges and Suggestions for the Future in Light of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Chapter 3 – Presumption of legitimacy in Malaysian Society 5.0: Embracing Fertility Preservation Technology. Chapter 4 – Mediation Process in Malaysia During the Covid-19: The Role of Lawyers. Chapter 5 – Smart Homes for the Elderly: The Living Arrangement in Malaysian Society 5.0. Chapter 6 – Accelerating Gender Equality and Empowering Women in Malaysia. Chapter 7 – Online Fraud Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic and Chapter 8 – E-Learning: The Importance of Implementation of Policies and Regulations: A Case Study of Multimedia University. The main objective of this book is to accentuate the inevitable challenges for Malaysia relating to legal and societal issues in its journey towards society 5.0 while welcoming the advantages of a tech-oriented society in various aspects of the nation including socio-economic, security and privacy, healthcare, and education sectors.

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