Information Science & Digital Society



Information science has become one of the most significant fields in a time when technology is changing quickly, and digital technologies are used everywhere. This book details how information science and our ever-changing digital world work together. Information has become a vital resource that affects how we communicate, learn, and work within today’s society. This book looks into theory models, how they are applied in the real world, and how they contribute to societal implications. This study book was carefully put together with contributions focusing on critical issues and developing trends from scholars in information science. It articulates the integration of information science and the digital society through empirical research, case analyses, literature reviews, and theoretical discourses. The interdisciplinary approach incorporates various fields such as user interface design, information processing theories, e-business, e-learning, human-computer interaction, and emotional intelligence. This literary work is a tribute to the various obstacles, opportunities, and ethical considerations stemming from the utilization of information in the era of digital technology. In light of the growing digitization of our global society, Information Science and Digital Society book aims to make a meaningful contribution towards establishing a sustainable and prosperous digital society through promoting knowledge advancement, cultivating critical thinking, and stimulating innovative solutions.