How to start a book chapter and Call for Book Chapters: Malaysian Society 5.0

Two speakers, Dr. Nazri bin Aziz (University Malaysia Terengganu) and Dr. Siti Zahariah binti Jamaluddin (Faculty of Law, Multimedia University) have been invited to deliver a talk on “How to Start a Book Chapter”, and “Call for Book Chapters” on 27 January 2021. The participants were exposed to various key elements to a successful book chapter. Among them are creating a chapter outline, building out the chapter’s structure, writing an eye-catching chapter title or headline, hooking readers with your chapter intro, expanding your story with main points, providing a recap that summarizes the chapter, and adding a Call-to-Action and transition to the next chapter. Dr. Siti Zahariah, the Chief Editor of Malaysia Society 5.0 Book, has promoted to participants the opportunities to publish with her upcoming Book “Malaysia Society 5.0”. Three main themes of the book are The Law and Society 5.0, The Social Human Factors and Society 5.0; The Emerging Issues and Society 5.0. All interested authors are invited to submit their manuscripts to the committee for publishing considerations.